9/9/14 Visiting Cuba


Reports by two different inspector generals were just released.  The IGs investigated incidents that were eerily similar.  But they reached different conclusions.  One claimed federal law was broken. The other said everything was legal.

The Massachusetts Inspector General reviewed allegations of improper conduct by Evan Dobelle when he was president of Westfield State University

Included in the report was an opinion that some members of a delegation that traveled to Cuba with Dobelle and the university’s baseball team to play exhibition games may have “violated the economic sanctions regulations and are subject to a variety of civil and criminal penalties.” 

Exceptions that allow US citizens to visit Cuba include educational and athletic activities. 

More than half of the 24-person delegation were not faculty, staff or students at Westfield State.  The IG concluded these travelers may have broken federal law.

About the same time as the college trip, Beyonce and Jay-Z partied-up in Havana.  The Treasury Department Inspector General conducted a probe after an outcry from Cuban-Americans.

This inspector general concluded their visit — which coincidentally included their fifth wedding anniversary celebration — was completely legal under an educational exemption.  The proof was the pair ate dinner at a private restaurant, took a walking tour, and visited several nightclubs.

It occurs to me that Beyonce and Jay-Z are close friends of the President and First Lady.  You don’t suppose . . .  oh, never mind.  He’d never do that.

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