9/8/15 IRS Scandal


Two years ago America learned the IRS targeted more than 100 tax-exempt groups in the run-up to the 2012 election.

Here are the reasons why this is so serious.  One, a government agency acted like a political hit squad.  Two, career civil servants behaved as political operatives.  Three, the agency’s refusal to cooperate in legal proceedings.  Four,the Justice Department’s failure to conduct a thorough investigation.  And five, IRS officials have access to Americans’ most sensitive financial and — because of its Obamacare role — medical information.

The possibly criminal behavior by IRS officials in targeting conservative and Jewish groups wasn’t an accident.  Some IRS officials used a separate instant messaging system that automatically deleted the messages.

This isn’t just illegal.  It suggests premeditation by the individuals to cover-up what they were doing. 

Lois Lerner — who’s embroiled in the scandal — had three email accounts.   One named after her dog presumably to hide her communications.

The IRS refused to tell a federal judge if the White House had made illegal requests for confidential taxpayer information. The laughable reason the agency gave for refusing to cooperate with the court is it would be a violation of taxpayer confidentiality.

Finally, the tax agency’s behavior of targeting groups should raise deep concerns.  Would IRS officials abuse their access to sensitive financial and medical information for political purposes?

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