9/30/15 OPM Hack


The hack of personnel records held by OPM will be felt for years.  OPM is the federal government’s HR department.

OPM hasn’t been forthcoming on how critical this is. With each disclosure, the size and scope keep growing.

 Because of a previous career, I’m among the 21.5 million compromised.  

China is the likely culprit, which makes this a human intelligence jackpot.  Because of background investigations and voluntary disclosures, this is the information stolen:



Social security number.

Clearance access.

Identity of intelligence agency employees.

Home addresses.

Names of family members, roommates, friends, neighbors.

Financial disclosures.

Foreign travel.

Foreign contacts.

Psychological & emotional health.

Illegal drug and alcohol use.

And Fingerprints.

And potentially more.

Identities can be stolen.  Those with access to classified or sensitive material could be blackmailed into betraying the U.S.  Foreigners who have ties to US personnel overseas could find their lives in jeopardy.

There are still too many unanswered questions regarding responsibility and accountability including:

Why was such critical data kept on a server connected to the Internet?

Why wasn’™t the data properly secured?

Why was there no encryption?

Who approved this set-up?

This is the worst data breach in U.S. history.

And no one’™s been held accountable for this gross negligence. Nor for perpetrating the hack.

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