9/23/14 What Scandal?


Liberal news outlets continue to pretend there’s no IRS scandal.  

The Washington Post called it political theater [“Washington’s crisis-of-the-week addiction” by Dana Milbank, July 13, 2014].

The New York Times editorialized the “real scandal” is the IRS needs hundreds of millions of dollars in additional spending [“The Real Internal Revenue Scandal” by Editorial Board, July 6, 2014].

A key figure in the IRS attack on conservative and Jewish non-profits is Lois Lerner [here, here, here, here, here].

The IRS announced her emails from a critical time period had been lost.  Deleted.  Unrecoverable.  There was no back-up.  So the IRS took the obvious approach when it comes to data recovery — it destroyed her hard drive.

It did the same thing to the hard drives of a dozen other IRS employees containing emails from the very same time period.

Lerner’s Blackberry phone underwent the same fate.

The destruction conveniently occurred after an investigation was launched.

What the Post and Times appear to see as mere coincidence, honest observers might consider obstruction of justice.

Now, there are back-ups for the deleted emails. But it’s just-too-difficult-to-retrieve-them we’re told.  Which — by the way — is an excuse the IRS will accept every single time you’€™re audited. 

Can’€™t get to that box of files in your basement?  No problem.  Let’s just move along.

The IRS audited me 3 times in 5 years.  Audit notification number 4 is probably in the mail.

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