9/20/16 – Sexuality & Gender


Ever since Bruce Jenner announced he’s now a woman there’s been increased attention on LGBT issues.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

World-renowned psychiatrists – Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh – reviewed more than 500 scientific studies. They were concerned over the disproportionate rate of mental health problems among LGBT persons.  Dr. Mayer noted he “strongly support[s] equality [for] and oppose[s] discrimination [of] the LGBT community.”

Citing more than 200 peer-reviewed studies, the psychiatrists delivered these findings:

“[T]he idea that people are ‘born that way’ is not supported by scientific evidence.”

There are no biological factors that determine human sexual orientation.

“[S]exual orientation may [change throughout] life … for some people.”

“[N]on-heterosexuals are about two to three times [more] likely to have experienced childhood sexual abuse.”

And “[o]nly a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so [later in life].”

Finally, the doctors anticipate being attacked by some groups over their research.

However, none of these findings should prevent LGBT individuals should identifying themselves as they see fit.

The entire study is on our website.

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