9/17/15 Punishing Small Companies


The Affordable Care Act requires companies to provide health insurance if they employ at least 50 workers.

Those with fewer employees are exempt. These workers are on their own. They have to find coverage.  Or pay a fine to the IRS.

A new rule went into effect in July that now punishes small employers.  And their employees.

The IRS is fining companies that try to help employs buy health insurance.  Technically, they call it an “excise tax.”  In reality, it’s still a fine.  It’s levied when a company pays any part of someone’s premium.  It also kicks in if the company gives an employee a raise to buy their own coverage.

An employer who does this will now be fined $100.  Per day.  Per employee.  That’s 36,500 dollars annually for each worker.  Such staggering amounts could drive a small company out of business.

This fine wasn’t in the Obamacare law.  It was created by Administration officials in order to force everyone into their version of health insurance coverage.

The intent of Obamacare – according to its supporters – was to reduce the number of people without health insurance.  Employers who buy or help buy health insurance coverage accomplishes this goal.

Clearly, the real goal is control.  Obamacare architects want people in a medical plan controlled by Washington bureaucrats.  Shouldn’t medical decisions be left up to the people and their doctors?

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