9/16/14 Responsibility for Rice


Century Link Stadium.  Home to the Seattle Seahawks.  Reigning Super Bowl champions.

Football season is in full-swing. 

But all football talk is being dominated by the Ray Rice video.

In fact, all of news is being dominated by the video.

You can argue it’s being overplayed.

Now, I’m not belittling domestic violence.  We know it must be addressed.

But this wall-to-wall coverage is excessive.

I’m also concerned about Ray and Janay Rice.  We should hope these two can heal as a couple.  Continually demonizing Rice is not helpful.

The other day, a cable news channel argued the NFL should be involved in resolving domestic abuse involving players.


Since when did it become the responsibility of the employer?

In any other industry, the employer would be told to butt out.

Now, the public and pundits want to know why the NFL and Baltimore Ravens didn’t come down harder on Rice much earlier?

But what about Atlantic City Prosecutor Jim McClain?  He saw the video.  And declined to prosecute Rice. 

With the approval of Judge Michael Donio, McClain allowed Rice to escape prosecution by accepting him into a first-time offender intervention program.

It doesn’t make sense to hold the NFL responsible for disciplining Rice when the public officials who have that very responsibility refused to do their job.

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