8/27/15 Email Oversight


The ongoing email scandal with Hillary Clinton is one thing.  But there’™s another critical issue at play.  The handling of this matter by federal officials.  Consider this.

The federal government has been collecting and reviewing the emails of millions of innocent Americans.  They aren’t accused of crimes.  Or alleged to have planned terrorist acts.

These are everyday people.  Without using court orders or warrants, the federal government has been collecting their emails because it wants to know what they’ve been up to and to whom they’ve been conversing.  Just in case something happens.

Then you’ve got the Secretary of State.  A government employee.  The Federal Records Act requires all government communication be preserved.  No exceptions.  It’™s the law.  While serving as Secretary, Clinton used a private, unsecured server — stored in a bathroom — to conduct government business and who knows what else.  We’ve learned hundreds of emails contained classified information.  Some highly-classified.

The company that maintained the server wasn’t certified to handle classified information.

Throughout all of this, federal authorities — especially the State and Justice Departments — have refused to conduct thorough investigations.  America learned of Clinton’™s deception only because of a FOIA lawsuit brought on by a public watchdog organization.

In summary, Uncle Sam will snoop through the emails of millions of innocent Americans.  But claims no responsibility to enforce the nation’s laws or conduct oversight of the Secretary of State.

The system is clearly broken.

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