8/21/14 Growing Threat


The gunman was dressed in a military uniform.

He was a devout Muslim who opposed US policy in Afghanistan.

When the opportunity presented itself, he sprayed a large crowd with gunfire.

Leaving the ground littered with dead and wounded.

When it occurred the other day in Afghanistan it was labeled a terror attack

But when Major Nidal Hassan carried out a similar attack at Fort Hood the Obama Administration called it “workplace violence.”  Kind of like co-workers fighting over who would get the last donut in the office break room.

The president’s been downplaying the threat of radical Islamists for the past five years.

[He’s also had help. There have been occasions when major news establishments have been quick to blame terror-related incidents on peaceful groups such as the Tea Party.] 

Now I’m not criticizing all Muslims.  Or Islam in general.  Just those intolerant extremists who dishonor their religion by gladly chopping off the heads of non-believers.

Earlier this year, the president arrogantly dismissed the threat of ISIS, calling it “a jayvee team.”

Well, the J.V. team may topple Iraq. 

It appears likely Obama will leave to the next president even worse conditions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and elsewhere than what he inherited in 2009.

He began his presidency with his notorious apology tour telling Islamists “It’s not you.  It’s us.  We’re to blame.”  He insisted America shared blame for everything from century-old religious wars to European colonialism.

But his remarks – like his foreign policy — have ignored the reality of a growing threat.

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