8/12/14 Shaneen Allen


Shaneen Allen is a single mother of two.

Who lives and works two jobs in Philadelphia.

And she may spend a mandatory three years in a New Jersey state prison.

Last October, Shaneen, her sons, and their father were driving in Atlantic City.  After she was pulled over for a traffic stop she volunteered to the police officer she had a Pennsylvania handgun permit and a .380 Bersa Thunder pistol in her pocketbook.  She took a gun safety class.  And got the permit after having been robbed twice in a year.

She was immediately arrested and charged with illegal firearm possession.  New Jersey doesn’t honor out-of-state permits. Thirty other states do.

One anti-gun group is applauding her arrest. Arguing it will reduce gun violence by getting people like her off the streets.

Now look.  It’s patently absurd to think this working mother is a cause of New Jersey’s violent crime rate.

Prosecutor Jim McClain [appointed in 2013 by Gov. Chris Christie (R)] and Judge Michael Donio [appointed to bench in 1995 by Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (R)] denied Shaneen’s request to enter New Jersey’s first-time offender pre-trial intervention program.

Shaneen — who doesn’t have a criminal record — turned down the prosecutor’s 42-month prison plea deal and has opted to go to trial hoping a jury will use common-sense.

McClain is the same prosecutor who chose not to prosecute star NFL running back Ray Rice after he beat his then-fiancee unconscious.  Judge Donio granted Rice’s entry into the same pre-trial intervention program he denied Shaneen.

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