8/07/14 Corruption Allegations


Two politicians who — not that long ago — were considered darlings of their political parties are the focus of corruption investigations.

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell — according to some accounts — was on the shortlist to be Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential running mate in 2012.  It was the relationship with the owner of a nutritional supplement company that has McDonnell and has wife on trial facing bribery charges.

According to court testimony, Jonnie Williams lavished the McDonnells with cash and gifts, a shopping extravaganza, and use of a country estate, a boat, and vehicles, including a Ferrari.

While serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is alleged to have approved $48 million in State Department spending on speeches and consulting contracts.  That went to her husband.

The $48 million spending spree was revealed in documents obtained in a FOIA request.  Raising another, very troubling issue.  Bill and Hillary were not alone in this.  There had to be numerous – perhaps dozens – with knowledge.  Including those who processed invoices and cut the checks.  And not one whistleblower came forward.

The culture of corruption is so pervasive that State Department officials were willing to allow such unethical – and perhaps illegal – activity to continue.By the way, corrupt politicians don’t self-report. Whistleblowers rarely come forward.Investigations like these are often the work of news organizations and watchdog groups.

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