8/05/14 Vehicle Seizure


A business letter.

Perhaps even sent by registered mail.

That’s all that was needed.

Instead, the Department of Homeland Security sent a six-vehicle convoy to the rural North Carolina home of Bill and Jennifer Brinkley.  To seize the couple’s nearly 30-year old SUV.  Because it was alleged to have run afoul of EPA emissions regulations.

Homeland Security agents seized the 1985 Land Rover Defender similar to this one.  They refuse to tell the Brinkleys what they’ve done with it.

Such bad behavior has become commonplace.  And the public has become numb to it.

The EPA banned the importation of Land Rover Defender SUVs due to emissions regulations.  There’s an exemption for vehicles that are 25 years or older.

Homeland Security confiscated the Brinkleys’ 29-year old car claiming an importer may have changed the vehicle identification number to make it appear older than it really is.  The Brinkleys are out the $60,000 they paid for this collector’s vehicle last year.

Remember, the EPA could have merely sent a letter to the Brinkleys asking them to bring their car in for an inspection.  Instead, it sent six vehicles loaded with armed agents to their home.

This is the same Homeland Security that claims it doesn’t have the manpower or resources to protect our southern border as thousands of illegal aliens pour across it every single month.

[It is actually the Customs and Border Patrol division of Homeland Security — the very agency that claims it doesn’t have the resources to  effectively patrol the southern border — that carries out seizures of Land Rovers and similar vehicles.  See the CBP website highlighting its seizure and destruction of Land Rover vehicles (here).]

Our government is truly broken.

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