7/5/16 American Elitists


The UK gained independence when it voted to leave the EU.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

A majority of Britons were fed-up with wide-open borders, government over-regulation, and the redistribution of their hard-earned money to less, well-off European states.

The vote to leave wasn’t a surprise to anyone listening to the people.  The biggest shock is how American elites reacted.

Many [here, here] predicted a global economic meltdown.  Markets rebounded only days after the vote.

Slate.com insisted Britons regretted their vote only hours after the polls closed.

Georgetown University’s Jason Brennan said, “there is no reason to think even a tenth of the UK’s population has a basic grasp” of the what the vote was about.

The Washington Post fretted that sometimes people shouldn’t be allowed to vote on such matters.  Then it called Britons racist for voting to leave.

The Atlantic stated allowing the people to vote on the referendum was “a colossal blunder.”

The magazine National Interest called the outcome a “triumph of ignorance” and “an expression of anger and a use of the heart more than the head.”

Fearing a similar movement by Americans to escape the shackles of an out-of-control Washington, Foreign Policy magazine urged “elites to rise up against the ignorant masses.”

These American elites are part of what Angelo Codevilla called “The Ruling Class.”

They include major media outlets, Washington politicians, businesses designated “too big to fail,” and Washington’s K Street lobbyists.

It seems the one thing they fear most is the people.

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