7/3/14 Arctic Ice


A major news story in 2007 was the report by U.S. scientists that the Arctic would be ice-free.  This year. 

[Moreover, the authors warned that all ice could be gone as early as 2012.]

In 2009, a NASA scientist said 2013 was the deadline ‘to save Earth.’

But the Arctic is not ice-free.  And the Earth still lives.

[In fact, last year set a record for Arctic ice.  The Antarctica has also experienced record ice-levels (here, here).]

Thanks to a whistle blower, it was learned that climatologists had faked data going back to the 1990s.

Last week, it was revealed that data provided by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration going back to the 1930s had also been doctored.  Giving the false impression that temperatures 80 years ago were much lower than they actually were.  Suggesting there was a steep increase in today’s current temperatures.

[After news broke that NASA and NOAA had doctored global temperature data as far back as the 1930s then, without public notice, NOAA quietly altered its records to reflect that July 1936 was hottest month on record.]

So why are there so many people involved in the man-made global warming fraud?

It’s all about the money.

Big businesses such as General Electric that were struggling to sell expensive CFLs struck it big when government banned affordable incandescent light bulbs. 

Washington politicians doled out hundreds of billions of dollars to failed “green energy” companies. Often owned by political donors [here, here, here, here, here].

EPA officials use it to justify attacks on industries they deem to be evil, such as coal.

Academics got millions of dollars in research grants.

And even government bureaucrats have made millions of dollars in private speaking fees to warn us of imminent doom.

Virtually every aspect of the man-made global warming narrative is a lie.

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