7/29/14 Behave Like Grown-Ups


Wouldn’t you think an adult claiming to work in healthcare would discourage underage girls from having sex?  Isn’t that the single most responsible advice they could offer?

But what if — instead — they offered advice on intercourse.  And sex games.  Including bondage, discipline and asphyxiation.  And suggested sexual fetishes such as partners defecating and urinating on one another.

And what if they did this using taxpayer dollars?

Yes.  You have every reason to be upset.

A pro-life group has released hidden camera video of a counselor at Planned Parenthood of Littleton, Colorado offering such advice to someone she thought was a 15-year old girl.

Now, anytime the topic of Planned Parenthood comes up it turns into a debate over abortion.  Put that aside for a moment.

The data is overwhelming.  Young girls engaging in sexual activity is the wrong way to start off in life.  Teenage mothers.  Single parents.  Living on public assistance.   Often the victims of violence.

So why would this Planned Parenthood counselor offer such bad advice?

Last year, the Maryland attorney-general was at summer beach party in neighboring Delaware.  Where he said nothing to high school students drinking alcohol.  He argued that it wasn’t his responsibility to monitor Delaware kids.

The attorney-general like that Planned Parenthood counselor are both adults.  Adults are expected to behave like grown-ups.  And offer responsible, grown-up advice.

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