7/26/16 Tax Returns


Individual income tax returns are protected information.  But since Watergate, presidential candidates have been making them public.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Most of this year’s candidates released their tax returns going back years.  But not everyone.  Donald Trump hasn’t yet released his.  And Bernie Sanders released just one year.

Candidates aren’t required to disclose this information.  Yet, the public expects this as the price for seeking the presidency.

Trump has made business success a cornerstone of his candidacy. So, wouldn’t he want to underscore just how successful he’s been?  We all want to know.

Sanders’ decision to not release his returns before 2014 are understandable. He’s a critic of the so-called one-percent. Before 2014, his wife was a college president. No doubt their combined income put them in the one-percent category.

The troubling thing about Hillary Clinton is the finances of the Clinton Foundation.   Last year it admitted it hadn’t properly disclosed at least $26 million in speaking fees earned by Bill and Hillary.

She said they were in debt when they left the White House in 2000.  But in short order, the Clintons amassed a $100 million fortune.  Millions were earned from foreign governments while she was the nation’s top diplomat.

If the Clinton Foundation is a non-profit merely doing global good then it should completely open its books for public inspection.

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