7/24/14 Crime Conspiracy


After meeting four years ago, motorcyclists Jeremy Halgat and Agostino Brancato became close friends.

Brancato began asking Halgat — a married father of two — if he could help him get illegal guns.  Halgat refused.

Brancato asked for illegal drugs.  Halgat didn’t use or deal in drugs he told his friend.  But Brancato continued asking.

He did this for months.  A year.  Then two. Each time, Halgat said, “no.”

After three years, Brancato made an emotional plea.  I’m in trouble.  Help me with this one deal.  Halgat caved.  And agreed to stand guard while a plane with cocaine landed in the Nevada desert.

When the drugs arrived, so did the police and everyone was arrested.

Well, not everyone.  Brancato was an ATF undercover agent.  The drug deal was a set-up.

Halgat faces a potential 20-year sentence for conspiracy to sell cocaine

[United States v. Jeremy Halgat Case No.: 2:13-cr-00239-JAD-PAL]

This is a textbook case of entrapment. 

Halgat had no criminal history.  Nor had he ever shown intent to commit a crime. Twice search warrants were executed on his home.  No contraband or evidence of illegal activity was ever found.  He reluctantly participated after three years of begging from Brancato.

The facts are not in dispute. All of the conversations were recorded.

There’s more. Agostino doctored evidence with the knowledge of his ATF supervisor.

Last week, Federal Judge Cam Ferenbach recommended the Justice Department drop all charges against Halgat.

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