7/23/15 Huma Abedin


This is Huma Abedin.  She’s married to Anthony Weiner.  He resigned from Congress in disgrace after he was caught sending obscene photos to women.  [Abedin is a long-time confidante of Hillary Clinton who has had her own husband problem.]

Abedin is the vice-chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Back in 2008, she was a campaign official during Clinton’s first presidential run.  In between, Abedin was Deputy Chief of Staff when Clinton was Secretary of State.
At the State Department, Clinton designated Abedin a “special government employee.” A designation extended under rare circumstances that may exempt the individual from complying with ethics rules.

Abedin worked for the State Department while simultaneously working as a consultant for clients that could benefit from favorable State Department treatment.  Clients included the Clinton Foundation and Teneo, a firm run by a “Friend of Bill.”

Teneo identifies itself as global strategic consulting firm.  Non-public information from say, the State Department, could prove to be useful to the firm and its foreign clients.  Such a conflict-of-interest was raised by Senator Charles Grassley.  Grassley noted that in 2012 Abedin made 135,000-dollars as a State Department employee and over $350,000-dollars as a consultant.

What she did to earn such a big payday is a mystery.  Abedin has been tight-lipped. 

A judge recently ordered Clinton to turn-over material kept on her secret email server. Most of Clinton’s top advisors have released emails. Abedin hasn’t turned over any.

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