7/22/14 Housing Aliens


The other day, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley criticized efforts to repatriate thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien minors back to their home countries.  Instead, O’Malley argued, they should stay in the U.S.

Afterwards, O’Malley made a private phone call to the White House.  He told domestic policy adviser Cecilia Munoz not to settle the aliens in his state.

Isn’t that always the way?  Bleeding heart liberals make demands.  With the expectation that others will make the sacrifices, bear the burdens and foot the bill.

So here’s my proposal.  Set-up housing for these aliens.  Provide public assistance.  And enroll them in school.

But only in the following locations: Manhattan; the Hamptons; Hollywood; Martha’s Vineyard; Chicago Hyde Park; McLean, Virginia; and Washington, DC.

Don’t send them to run-of-the-mill public schools.

Enroll them in:
* Columbia Prep overlooking Central Park [Tuition: $41,700];
* The Ross School in East Hampton, New York [Tuition: $39,400/boarding $62,000];
* The all-girls Marlborough School in LA [Tuition: $35,000];
* Falmouth Academy in Cape Cod [Tuition: $26,000];
* The University of Chicago Laboratory School [Tuition: $30,000] with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s kiddos;
* The Madeira School in McLean, Virginia [Tuition: $41,200/boarding $54,600];
* St. Albans in DC [Tuition: $41,200/boarding $55,700];
But it’s all-boys so enroll the girls in:
* Sidwell Friends School [Tuition: $37,000] where they can be BFFs with the Obama girls.

Some can board at the schools for the modest price tag of $62,000 a year.  Taking care of housing and schooling at the same time.

After all, shouldn’t we all share the sacrifice?

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