7/21/15 Rewriting History


Soviet leader Joseph Stalin embodied pure evil.  No one was safe during his reign of terror.  He exterminated thousands.  Stalin thought he could complete the purge by airbrushing Soviet officials out of photographs.  As if they never existed.

Stalin was erasing history.  Or so he thought. 

The reality is history is the past and will always be the past regardless what we think.

American history is full of great and tragic events.  To pretend some don’t exist or never occurred is as ridiculous as Joseph Stalin airbrushing purged leaders from photographs.

This is what is happening with the Civil War.  Indeed, the war was a low point in American history.  Just like the Great Depression, the Dred Scott decision, the Trail of Tears, FDR’s internment of Japanese-Americans, and 9/11.

Our history — the good times and the bad — got us to this point.  It made our nation what it is.  We should embrace our history.  Celebrate the good times.  And learn to not repeat the bad.

There is a headlong rush to pretend the Confederacy never existed.  A movement to erase the existence of its wartime leaders.  Remove statues.  Rename landmarks.  And change highway names. [Political correctness advocates have behaved ghoulishly by attempting to dig up the corpse of a Civil War general.]

It’s an attempt to airbrush history.  Just like Stalin did.

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