7/17/14 Perpetuating Fear


Washington perpetuates fear. 

Fear is used to grow the size and scope of government.  At the loss of the individual liberties and freedoms of every American.

Entirely new government offices, agencies – a new cabinet! – and countless rules, policies and procedures have been created since 9/11.  By perpetuating fear.

Homeland Security’s “see something say something” commercials perpetuate the fear that at any moment you could be a victim of terrorism.

[Armed Homeland Security agents have increased their visible presence not in response to any specific threat but to let citizens know they are present.]

You are more likely to be shot and killed by a police officer than be killed in a terrorist act.  But that’s not what you’re led to believe.

NSA perpetuates fear to illegally eavesdrop on your conversations, read your email, track your credit card purchases and otherwise snoop on 315 million Americans.

They’ve cried “wolf” about another imminent attack for more than a dozen years.

To perpetuate fear.

TSA wants you to fear that at any moment a fellow passenger might hijack your jetliner.

Internal documents of the TSA – obtained through a FOIA [and a lawsuit] – admit that hardened cockpit doors and safety protocols make the take-over of a jetliner virtually impossible.

But TSA continues the charade that every jetliner could be hijacked at any moment.

To perpetuate fear.

Because fear is good business for government.  It means more money, more people, more power.

It’s time to get Washington out of the fear business.

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