7/16/15 California Drought


California is the source of nearly half of the nation’s supply of U.S.-grown fruits, nuts, and vegetables.  It’s a major supplier of dairy products.

[California is the number one agricultural state in the nation.]

In other words, the California drought isn’t just a problem facing Golden State farmers.  It’s a crisis for every American family.

The drought is in its fourth year.  It’s come at a tremendous cost.  Last year, it cost California’s farmers about 17,000 jobs and more than two billion dollars in lost revenue.  2015 is shaping up to be even worse.

The main sources of California water are melting snow from the Sierra Nevadas, existing groundwater, and the Colorado River Basin.  All three are at low levels.

This spring, Governor Jerry Brown ordered a 25% reduction in water use by urban water agencies.  But urban water use comprises about 10% of California water use.  Forty percent is used by farmers.  And half of all water goes to environmental causes such as maintaining wildlife habitats, supporting wetlands and protecting endangered species.  Yet, there is no data to show if the environmental measures are needed.  Or work.

California residents are looking for solutions not rations. 

Last November, California voters overwhelmingly passed a 7-billion dollar bond to be spent on providing relief [Proposition 1].  So far, the money,€™s barely been touched.

Unless Mother Nature intervenes and there is generous amounts of rainfall then the problem will only worsen.

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