7/13/17 – McCain Institute


Politicians who craft U.S. policy while accepting foreign donations must be closely scrutinized.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

The Clinton Foundation may have been the biggest pay-for-play scheme in American history.  Critics are drawing parallels to the McCain Institute.  It was started by Arizona Senator John McCain in 2012.

McCain sits on the Homeland Security C0mmitte and chairs the powerful Armed Services Committee.

Much like the Clinton Foundation, the McCain Institute has received millions of dollars from foreign governments, entities and individuals that raise eyebrows.  For example, the Institute received at least $100,000 from a state-run Moroccan company accused of human rights abuses.  At least a hundred grand from an organization that donated to a pro-Iran group.  And one million dollars from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is often named as a country that tramples on human rights.  This donation appears to be in direct contradiction of the Institute’s mission of “promot[ing] humanitarian action, human rights and democracy.”

About a dozen and half donors who have business before Congress have given 100,000 dollars or more.

McCain has long argued for greater transparency in political donations.  But his Institute refuses to disclose the actual amounts given by its biggest donors.

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