7/1/14 IRS Scandal


A White House official met with the IRS Commissioner.  And gave him a list of presidential enemies to investigate.

He refused. 

[And the Treasury Security backed him up.] 

The year was 1972.

My, how times have changed.

Today’s IRS scandal keeps getting bigger. 

A key figure is Lois Lerner. Her office investigated hundreds of center-right leaning, watch dog and Jewish groups.  Subpoenas have been issued.  But two years worth of Lerner’s emails have been lost. Claims the IRS.  Coincidentally, emails from other IRS officials during the same time period have also been lost.  This is a statistical impossibility.  And a violation of the Federal Records Act.

[According to a poll, 76% of Americans believe the emails were intentionally destroyed.]

[The IRS targeted hundreds of non-profit groups.  That believed in Constitutional principles, limited government, called themselves “patriots,”Tea Party,” or supported Jewish causesRecords show that Lerner also proposed investigating Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA)]

[More than 100 people in the IRS and the Obama Administration (here, here, here, here, here) have been implicated in the IRS scandal targeting critics, watch dogs and Jewish groups over their speech rights (here, here)].

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman was cleared to visit the Obama White House 157 times. More visits than the Secretaries of State, Defense and Homeland Security.  Combined.

The IRS Commissioner under George Bush visited the White House just one time.

Stephanie Cutter admitted she met with Shulman in the White House on several occasions.  But Cutter was Obama’s deputy campaign manager. Why was the IRS Commissioner meeting with her?

Another key IRS official, Sarah Hall Ingram, visited the Obama White House 165 times.  In just two years.

Last week, a court found the IRS guilty of illegally leaking confidential taxpayer information to a liberal activist organization with White House ties.

[There is evidence the IRS also illegally leaked confidential information to news outlets closely-aligned with the White House (here, here, here, here)].

But if you’re not conservative or Jewish this doesn’t affect you, right?

Guess again.  The IRS is in charge of enforcing ObamaCare.  It will have access to more than just your tax records.

[Even in the face of Congressional scrutiny, the IRS is making new, illegal demands.  It’s demanding the groups it previously targeted agree to speech and spending restrictions in return for the IRS finally reviewing their tax-exempt applications.]

[In spite of a growing mountain of evidence, Congressional Democrats and activist news organizations such as the New York Times, have been working overtime to downplay even the hint of wrongdoing.  The Washington Post falsely claims that government employees have the authority to decide which emails must be retained and which may not.]

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