7/11/17 – Christie’s Money Grab


A leader demands lawmakers craft legislation so he can seize money from a business.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

That kind of plundering of other people’s assets may be routine in Third World countries. It appears that’s what’s going on in New Jersey.

Last month, Governor Chris Christie announced the state should seize $300 million from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. The non-profit Horizon is New Jersey’s largest health insurer.

Christie says the money is needed to battle the state’s opioid epidemic.

Without a doubt, New Jersey is plagued by this drug problem like every other state. But what color is the sky in Christie’s world?  Why does he think he has the right to seize private industry money?  No matter how noble the cause?

New Jersey lawmakers disagree with the governor. There’s been bipartisan push-back.  Democrats and Republicans alike have criticized Christie’s attempted money grab.

Christie’s decision-making has come under scrutiny before. For example.  Back in 2014, Behind the Headlines noted federal money for hurricane relief was spent on a tourism ad.  That ad featured Christie and his family.  It was played in swing states.  Nice, free media if someone wanted to — say — run for president two years later.  Which Christie did.

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