7/04/17 – Rebuild the Party


America needs a strong Democratic Party.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

We need a vibrant Democratic Party to provide checks and balances to the GOP.  One party control is not good whether it’s Republicans, Democrats, Whigs, Tories or pick your party.

Democrats have lost over a thousand federal and state posts since Barack Obama took office.  Democrats control the fewest state legislatures in American history. This is a complete repudiation of Obama’s policies.  While he still maintains a positive favorable rating his party is in disarray.  One must ask. Does the public really like Obama or are they afraid pollsters would consider them racists if they gave him poor marks?

More than a third of House Democrats come from just three states: California, New York and Illinois.  Two-thirds come from the two coasts.  Democrats are virtually absent from the rest of America.  The party’s lost its way.  It’s abandoned farmers, factory workers and suburbanites.  It’s now beholden to Hollywood elites, Planned Parenthood and those who feed from the government trough.

One of the presidential nominee front-runners isn’t even a Democrat.  He’s a Socialist.

Our two-party system needs a strong Democratic Party.  Will its base rescue the party from its out-of-touch leaders?

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