6/9/16 Strange Bedfellows


Electronic cigarettes are a gateway that entice children to smoke tobacco, critics argue.  No, they’re a significantly healthier alternative that enable smokers to kick the smoking habit, claim supporters.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Power players in Washington have joined forces to crush the small e-cig companies, suggests an investigative report by the American Media Institute.

E-cigs appeared on the scene a decade ago. They’re tobacco-free. They mix trace amounts of nicotine with a liquid that forms a vapor.  This replaces tobacco and cancer-causing agents.  Because they inhale vapors instead of smoke, users are said to be vaping.

This group who’ve partnered to attack the vaping industry include big tobacco companies, large pharmaceuticals, health advocates and Democratic Senators.

Tobacco companies view the growing vaping industry as competition. So do drug companies. They want consumers to buy their products to kick the smoking habit.  Congressional Democrats have an addiction to expanding government regulation of private industry.

Last month, the FDA announced it would begin regulating e-cigs later this summer.  The young vaping industry sees this as an attempt to crush the current manufacturers with expensive and onerous regulations that big tobacco and drug companies can easily absorb.  But would drive smaller companies out of business.

AMI reports that Democratic Senators leading the battle against the vaping industry are some of the biggest recipients of campaign cash from drug companies.

[Disclosure: Mark Hyman is an Advisory Board Member to the American Media Institute.]

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