6/5/14 Stoplight Sideshows


There is a small vocal minority who claim the recent temperature rise is proof of man-made global warming.  The rest of us call this reoccurring phenomena “spring.”

This is the time of year where the streets are filled with kids on bicycles, skateboards and razor scooters.  Drivers must be careful.

It’s also the time when the concrete medians of traffic intersections are filled with people hustling for your money.

We anticipate those who claim to homeless.  Offering to work for food.  Some want your money to further their drug and alcohol addictions.

But I find the really annoying ones to be those asking you to fill the boot or stuff the carton.  They claim to represent non-profit groups that sometimes sound made-up.  They are often the most aggressive.  Faces nearly pressed up against the driver’s window.  While we pretend to adjust the radio.  Or check for cell phone messages.

My family gives a lot of money to charity.  I’m just not too keen on tossing it into a bucket of a total stranger at the corner of West and Lombard.

I don’t propose a ban on such stoplight sideshows unless they pose a significant safety risk.

For now, I will just continue pretending to adjust the radio.

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