6/28/16 Sex Policy


Last month, the Obama Administration sent a directive to public schools radically changing bathroom policies.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

The directive stated a student may use a bathroom “consistent with their gender identity.”  The letter threatens federal lawsuits and loss of federal money to any school that doesn’t comply.

By the way, it wasn’t an oversight that the letter didn’t threaten prosecution.  That’s because Title IX — the federal law which the Obama Administration cited as justification – doesn’t support this directive.

This is why about a dozen states have sued the Administration.

The bathroom policy was only one paragraph in an 8-page letter.  The directive completely blew-up the long-held practice of recognizing sexual differences in school.  It includes locker-rooms and showers.  Boys may compete in girls athletics.  Far-fetched?  Hardly.  A boy in Alaska won all-state honors competing in girls’ track.

Then there’s overnight accommodations.  Schools must assign a student “housing consistent with their gender identity.”  And they “may not require students to stay in single-occupancy accommodations.”

The high school band – including your 14-year old daughter — takes a trip on spring break. A boy announces he now identifies as a girl.  The directive prohibits the school from giving him a private hotel room.  So he rooms with your daughter.  Coincidentally, the pair were boyfriend-girlfriend two weeks earlier.

Even if they weren’t, the letter states your daughter’s discomfort with the situation cannot be taken into consideration.  His desires take precedence.

It’s as if the entire letter was written by teenage boys.

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