6/26/14 Speech Codes


After 82 years, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the trademarks associated with the NFL’s Washington football team.  The Patent Office has decided the name “Redskins” is offensive.

This is why you should be angry.

This is a government push for speech codes.  The First Amendment – and it was the very First Amendment because our Constitutional framers knew that free speech was absolutely critical for a free society.  This First Amendment guarantees government will not restrict our speech.

So a few dozens senators attempt to bully the Washington Redskins ownership to behave in a manner they deem to be appropriate.  They have no public support.  So their effort fails.  Then — coincidentally of course — the Patent Office cancels the trademarks.

If the name was truly inappropriate then the public would stop buying merchandise.  And tickets. And stop watching the games. Forcing the team to reconsider its name.  The free market actually works.

We should be alarmed that unelected Washington bureaucrats take upon themselves to decide which speech is acceptable.

Some of you may be smiling because — with your own political biases — you agree with this decision.  But what happens when there is new administration in Washington?  What happens if another government agency takes action against a name, a phrase or a logo, which the next president decides is offensive?

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