6/25/15 Healthy Choices


Isn’€™t it odd that cookbooks and diet books are next to one another on the bookstore shelves?

I read a book that combines these two.  Well, not really.  But it does address meals, weight loss, fitness routines, and more.

“Your Personal Affordable Care Act”€ is a healthy lifestyle book.  Common sense and tips on how to live a healthier, longer life.  Without spending hundreds of dollars on infomercial DVDs.

Author Vik Khanna is an independent healthcare consultant who advises clients on managed care and healthy lifestyle choices.  He doesn’€™t mince words.  He lectures us to “eat less crap.”€

We’€™ve become fat and unhealthy because of “€œlifestyle diseases,”€ he tells us.  Then we spend gobs of money on unnecessary medical services.  Khanna reminds us the goal of the healthcare industry isn’€™t to make us healthy.  It’€™s to make money.

Khanna advises us to eat healthier, have a fitness routine, take a few moments for “€œme time”€ –€“ spiritual reflection, yoga or prayer, for example.  And enjoy your family.  No real “€œa-ha!”€ moments.  Just common sense.

Wanna lose weight?  Improve your diet.  The pounds will come off.

Make these healthy choices, Khanna tells us, and you won’€™t need expensive healthcare insurance.  Just something to guard against catastrophic injury or illness.

You can download this book for about the price of a super-sized number 3 with jumbo fries.

The book is available for $9.95 at:

Amazon.com (Kindle version of the book): http://goo.gl/Wk3Z0w

Get a 25% discount for purchases at Smashwords, using coupon code JV63N

Smashwords.com (all other e-versions, such as PDF and E-pub): https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/488775

Website for the book, including reviews and related blog posts: http://yourpersonalaffordablecareact.com/

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