6/24/14 Mariel Boatlift


Jimmy Carter’s presidency was marked by one foreign policy failure after another.  Unfortunately, we’re still paying a steep price for his missteps. 

Today’s Middle East situation is a legacy to his bungling of the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

Then in the spring of 1980 there was the Mariel Boatlift.

The Cuban economy was faltering.  Cubans were suffering.  Dictator Fidel Castro suggested he would allow some to leave the island.

Carter’s now-infamous  “open arms” speech opened the floodgates.  Castro did allow some Cubans to flee the socialist state.  He also emptied the prisons and insane asylums.  In a matter of weeks, more than 125,000 reached U.S. shores aboard a makeshift flotilla of commercial and personal watercraft.  Some died en route.

Thousands were criminals.  Insane.  Or were other “undesirables.”

A humanitarian crisis erupted.  And violence skyrocketed in south Florida.

Thirty-four years later we have a similar humanitarian crisis.  President Barack Obama’s none-too-clever effort to bypass Congress with questionable executive orders has resulted in thousands of children being dumped at the U.S. border. 

Obama’s “Dream Act” has caused a nightmarish scenario with unaccompanied children, kept in makeshift accommodations under hellish conditions.

[Adding to the suspicion that the Obama Administration may have orchestrated this tidal wave of unaccompanied children is a Department of Homeland Security solicitation for bids to escort as many as 65,000 unaccompanied illegal alien children.  The ad is here.]

And Border Patrol agents have been ordered to allow others — including violent gang members such as MS-13 — to freely enter the U.S.

We may pay for this blunder for years to come.

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