6/19/14 Get Rich Quick


Diversify ownership among minorities

Many minority communities either emphasize “get rich quick” ideas, or strive for professional athletics or entertainment, trying to hit the million dollar mark by their early twenties. In these regards minorities have exploited themselves, as they make money off of their likeness, as in an exhibition. Not to discredit or attack any individual’s accomplishments through these fields, but what these communities must realize is that they must diversify; they cannot place all of their eggs in one basket, least of all one as small as that. Often, once the professional athlete gains his riches he does not understand how to turn that into wealth. According to Sports Illustrated, 78% of NFL players go bankrupt or nearly broke just two years into retirement. Among NBA veterans, 60% fall into the same predicament after five years.

What we need is for businessmen to get more involved in their communities outside of the school system. Instead of building another youth basketball center in a self-righteous act, they need to build centers to teach kids about computers and business.

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