6/17/14 VA Healthcare


The Veterans Administration healthcare scandal has rocked the nation. 

After asking servicemen and women to sacrifice so much we at least owe them a healthcare system that mends their injuries in a responsible and timely fashion.

But we’ve learned of secret waiting lists, faked data, canceled appointments.  Veterans have gone untreated.  Some for years.  Sadly, deaths have occurred.  By the dozens.

Meanwhile, bureaucrats have been rewarded with bonuses for work that’s never happened.

Sources on Capitol Hill have told Behind the Headlines that hearings and investigations on the VA healthcare scandal will take place throughout the summer.  Some of it will be valuable.  Some of it — theater.

There’s another issue worth pointing out.

The VA healthcare program is a single-payer program.  Just like the one some have lobbied for the entire nation.  Of which ObamaCare is supposed to be the first step.

We’ve seen in the VA scandal that monopolies do not have incentives to deliver quality healthcare.

ObamaCare is heading down the same path.  You have doctors, hospitals, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, employers and individuals.

Then add:
A massive government bureaucracy.
Thousands of bureaucrats.
More than 15 new bureaucracies, agencies, boards, commissions & programs.
Trillions in new costs.
Nearly 20 new tax increases.
Increased rules & regulations.
Mandatory “free” benefits.
And guaranteed coverage.

It’s an expensive, bloated, government bureaucracy.  That some hope becomes a government monopoly.  Like VA healthcare.

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