6/15/16 Fighting ISIS


There’s a theory that one way to reduce the radical Islamic threat in the US is to wage the battle overseas.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.
The most prominent Islamist group influencing jihadists to attack Americans is ISIS.

The self-proclaimed Islamic Caliphate straddles Syria and Iraq.

The US increased its military presence in the region presumably to battle ISIS.  But US forces are also waging war against the Syrian Army.  In addition, the US has armed rebel militias to battle the Syrian Army.  But it hasn’t gone well.

ISIS is at war with the Syrian Army.

The CIA has equipped one militia to battle the Syrian Army.

The Pentagon has equipped another militia to also fight the Syrian Army.

But fighting the Syrian Army benefits ISIS, which threatens to wage war on Americans.

It gets worse.  The CIA- and Pentagon-backed militias have been fighting each other.

Last year, some CIA-backed rebels changed sides, joined Al Qaeda and took their US weapons with them.  This isn’t good for us.

The situation is just as bad on the Iraq side of the border. ISIS seized considerable territory and strategic locations following the withdrawal of US forces in 2010. US military personnel in Iraq number about 5,000.  But efforts to retake territory from ISIS are stalemated.

It appears there’s a whole lot of fighting going on.  But it’s questionable how much progress is actually being made in defeating ISIS.

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