6/14/16 Middle East Policy


Our Middle East policy has been a mess for years.  

Here’s what’s happening behind the deadlines.

Geopolitics isn’t easy.  History is full of failures.  

For 50 years, countering the Soviet Union was the most important factor in American foreign policy.

Ironically, the Cold War helped keep things in check in the Middle East.

Our policy became discombobulated after the break-up of the Soviet Union.

We established relationships for several reasons including oil, commerce, and arms sales.  In retrospect, some may have been short-sighted.

A series of events have crystallized the threat we face from radical Islam in spite of our post-9/11 posture.  Recent terror attacks in Chattanooga, San Bernardino and Orlando leave little doubt the jihadists have the wherewithal to wage their battle here.

Going forward is the tricky part.  To think we can change the culture of people who’ve been warring among themselves over religious differences for 13 centuries is naïve.  

In the end, every nation operates in its own best interest.  Or it fails to exist.  Our national interest is to protect the homeland and the public.  Not by eliminating the civil liberties of 315 million people. Or by considering every single American as a likely terrorist.  But by making difficult choices.  We must be willing to identify evil.  No matter how politically incorrect.  And keep it from our shores.

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