6/13/16 Islam’s Terror Problem


The first step to solving a problem is to recognize a problem exists.  U.S. officials are struggling to do just that (here, here, here, here).

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

This weekend’s terror attack in Orlando is indeed tragic.  We mourn for the victims, their families and friends.  And the entire Orlando community.

We’ll learn more as details emerge regarding the terrorist.  But a pair of general observations can be made.

First, why is it so difficult for U.S. leaders to tell the truth about what happened?  This was a question posed by columnist Michael Graham.  He observed that in condemning the attack, President Barack Obama could not utter the words “Islam” and “Muslim” when discussing the terrorist.  Even though the shooter called 911 to profess his allegiance to ISIS.

Last fall, Obama (here) and Secretary of State John Kerry refused to identify the Paris terror attackers as Muslim, Islamic or as jihadists.  Obama was also reluctant to call the San Bernardino shooting an act of terrorism.

This isn’t to suggest all Muslims are terrorists.  They aren’t.

But,it’™s time we end the political correctness games and acknowledge that Islam has a terror problem.  We should partner with Muslims who condemn and actively work to combat terrorism.   And we should reexamine our relationship with countries that may be aiding and abetting terrorist activity.

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