5/7/15 Media Distrust


I wish there was a more delicate way to put this but the news media stinks.

At least that’s what a new poll says.

And there’s nothing new about it.  Pick any poll and the results are the same. 

We get failing grades every time.  The media can’t be trusted.

It’s understandable why the public feels this way.

Look at recent events.

A major news anchor got into trouble for exaggerating his personal exploits. 

Another anchor attacked an author for his book detailing questionable fundraising at the Clinton Foundation.

The anchor wondered: How can the public trust you since you were once a presidential speechwriter?

  The irony is that the anchor — who was worried about trust — used to work for the very president he was now defending.

[Update: ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos failed to disclose he donated at least $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation.]

[Further update: Stephanpoulos claims he had forgotten a third contribution of $25,000 and now admits he donated at least $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation.]

And an entertainment magazine defamed a university when it violated countless journalistic standards and published a fake, gang rape story.  A story it later retracted.

[Update: A Time magazine reporter filming President Barack Obama in a public appearance dutifully obeyed when Obama told him to stop.]

Not everyone agrees with what I have to say.  But I’ll show you something you won’t see nearly anywhere else.

Right here.  This bar says “commentary.”  I tell you I’m giving my opinion.

The cable news channels don’t identify commentary.  Most blur the line between news and opinion.  I think that’s wrong.

As an industry, we’ve got our work cut out for us.

We must do better if we’re to regain your trust.

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