5/5/16 SafeHer


Ride-sharing programs have become popular in recent years.  The two biggest are Uber and Lyft. Concerns over passenger and driver safety led one former Uber driver to launch a women’s-only service called SafeHer.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

According to the company’s website, this new service eliminates the fear some women have for ridesharing.  Or makes them feel safer as a driver.  This is accomplished by hiring only female drivers and only picking up women and children passengers.  In other words, no young or adult males.

A win-win, right?

Consider this.  Try replacing “male” with . . .  well, pick any minority group. Instead of declining rides to adolescent and older males, what if SafeHer refused rides to certain minorities?

And what about the company’s policy of not hiring male drivers?  What if Uber refused to hire women?

You know what would happen.  There’d be news trucks parked in front of the company headquarters.  Cable channels would go wall-to-wall. Newspapers would publish one blistering editorial after another.  Congress would hold hearings. And the Justice Department would launch a federal investigation.

But none of this is happening with SafeHer.

There shouldn’t be any exceptions because some in society believe it’s acceptable to discriminate against certain groups. Even males.

Discrimination is discrimination. 

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