5/3/16 Settop Boxes


The FCC may soon demand TV entertainment providers allow competitors to copy the technology in their set-top boxes.  These are the electronic boxes often associated with cable and satellite systems. 

The FCC claims this will create more consumer choices.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

To say there aren’t choices is completely false.  The set-top box market grows bigger every year.  There are more choices than ever before. People are buying or renting boxes and entertainment sticks that deliver entertainment tailored to their wants and needs.

When it comes to traditional cable and satellite services, cord-cutting increases each year.  These are the homes that discontinue these services in favor of other options.

Here’s what’s really troubling industry players. Google has been quietly lobbying Washington on a device it wants to serve as television’s gatekeeper.

Critics believe Google got a sneak peek of the rules the FCC is considering.  If true, then this is – in best case – unethical.  Worst case – illegal.

Here’s what should worry the public. Google copies all G-mail messages and records all Internet searches. Do you really want Google to maintain a database of what you’re watching?

The FCC should back-off and allow the free market to continue offering choices to the public.

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