5/28/15 Martial Law


Check-out these quotes regarding a military exercise on U.S. soil.

 “This is like a military intervention on a civilian population.” [CNN]

“[We’re] angry at the impact[,] . . . the noise, the intimidation, the message it sends.” [San Francisco Chronicle]

“[They’re] preparing themselves to contain popular uprisings — including uprisings in U.S. cities.” [San Francisco Guardian]

Those crazy right-wing bloggers are protesting military exercise Jade Helm 2015 to take place in Texas this summer. Right?

Actually, these quotes are from 1999.  And they came from CNN and California newspapers. 

There was widespread concern over a U.S. Marine Corps exercise [named Operation Urban Warrior] scheduled for San Francisco.

Suspicious people were convinced the military was about to impose martial law.

Sound familiar?

Now, locals do have legitimate worries over the influx of military personnel and equipment.

The military dramatically scaled back its 1999 exercise, which was to include limited beach landing operations when objections were raised over endangered marine life and protected shorelines.

Bastrop County, Texas is one site for this summer’s exercise.  It’s still recovering from devastating wildfires back in 2011.  Five hundred homes were destroyed.  Staging a big exercise there probably wasn’t a good idea.

Identifying Texas as a “hostile” country in exercise plans didn’t help matters either.

Worries over martial law may be far-fetched.  Moreover, the ones complaining may be the same ones we’ll hear from if our military is ill-prepared for the next attack.

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