5/27/14 Selfie Foreign Policy


The hot topic a few weeks ago was the plight of nearly 300 Nigerian girls.  Kidnapped from their boarding school by the Boko Haram terrorist group.

In spite of slaughtering more than 10,000 people.  And targeting Westerners. U.S. policymakers behaved as if Boko Haram was just another civic group.  Kind of like the Rotary.  Or the Lion’s Club.

The White House response was swift.  First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted a selfie.  Complete with frowny face. And a catchy hashtag.  Too bad she doesn’t know anyone influential enough to do more than just tweet-out selfies.

No doubt Boko Haram was shaken when they saw the frowny-faced FLOTUS when checking their Twitter feed the next day.

There’s another humanitarian crisis taking place in The Sudan.  Meriam Ibrahim married Daniel Wani.  A naturalized U.S. citizen. Meriam was raised Christian but was declared to be Muslim by virtue of having been born in The Sudan.  So, the Sudanese government has sentenced her to death by flogging.  And she’s 8 months pregnant.  Another thing.  Her 20-month old son, Martin, is also in prison. 

[Reportedly, young Martin is suffering from various ailments.] 

Only The Sudan and TSA view toddlers as threats to society.

Media reports claim little Martin is also a U.S. citizen. The distraught father, Daniel, has claimed the U.S. Embassy won’t help him

[The White House and U.S. State Department refuse to comment on the matter (here, here).]

Let’s hope the White House finalizes a selfie pose.  Or Twitter hashtag.  Before American Daniel Wani loses his entire family.

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