5/23/17 – Failed Analysis


In 2009, the EPA issued its greenhouse gas endangerment finding.  Researchers now say that report was full of hot-air.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

One of the key findings was the EPA declared CO2 a pollutant.  This is a complete surprise to any 9th grade biology student. CO2 occurs naturally and is a critical component of nature’s life cycle.

The EPA’s motives quickly became apparent.  Calling CO2 a pollutant would justify new restrictions on coal-burning plants, sometimes referred to as the War on Coal.

The Obama Administration attempted to do just that after legislation stalled in Congress.  The Administration’s cap-and-trade bill was so awful that back in 2010 the Democratic majority killed the bill.

So, the EPA instead tried to implement regulations.  It’s so-called Clean Power Plan was struck-down by the Supreme Court last year.

Scientists and meteorologists [here, here, here] examined the EPA’s report. They modeled the data, ran calculations and conducted analysis.  None of the results came close to supporting the EPA’s conclusions.

The scientists’ peer-reviewed report concluded the EPA’s claim of CO2 causing changes to global temperatures “does not exist in the real world.”  Several climate experts – including now-retired EPA officials – have endorsed the study that debunked EPA claims.

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