5/22/14 Terrorist Threats


Please take a moment and think about a family member.  A friend.  A co-worker.  Your carpool partner.  The supermarket cashier.  Your son’s kindergarten teacher.

None of them is building a bomb in their garage.  Or wearing a suicide vest.   But, according to the National Security Agency, these people pose the exact same threat as a known terrorist living in Yemen.

At least, that’s reason given by NSA for why it’s been spying on 315 million Americans.  NSA has collected American phone records, hacked into email accounts, spied on Internet activity, and collected personal data including credit card purchases.

When confronted, intelligence officials perjured themselves when testifying before Congress last year.

The Justice Department charged and tried baseball great Roger Clemens when he was accused him of lying to Congress.  About steroids.  [Clemens was acquitted by a jury.]

When evidence shows senior intelligence officials lied to Congress about spying on Americans … the topic is quickly changed.  Good thing they weren’t on steroids when spying on Americans.  Now that would be evil.

The same government that claims everyday Americans pose a threat to the nation, refused to name as a terrorist organization Boko Haram. This group has slaughtered more than 10,000 people including westerners.  And will chop off your head merely for being Christian.

But NSA is too busy spying on a real threat — your son’s kindergarten teacher.

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