5/2/17 – 100 Days


It’s Donald Trump’s first 100 days.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Trump’s had misfires and successes.

He didn’t immediately replace ObamaCare, as promised.

But he’s got the economy heating-up.  The number of people on unemployment is at a 17-year low. CNBC calls the housing market the “strongest seller’s market ever.”  The slashing of burdensome regulations caused the European Union to complain that U.S. tech companies now have an unfair advantage.

Eight years ago Barack Obama didn’t make good on his campaign promises. He didn’t immediately close Gitmo or pass immigration reform.  Perhaps this is why the New York Times wrote, “100 days is not enough time to assess a presidency.”

But it’s more than enough time to criticize Trump’s 100 days. Which the Times did in several articles including three [here, here, here] on day 100.

It was the same at the Washington Post [here, here here]. Accolades for Obama while bashing Trump for “100 days without a victory.”

Politico’s article fawning over Obama’s start seemed like it came from a creepy, love-struck stalker.  No word if Politico sent the article to the Obama White House for approval as it often did with Hillary Clinton during last year’s race.

[Here are some Politico articles criticizing Trump’s 100 days (here, here)]

Trump should get credit for awakening the national media from their eight-year slumber regarding executive branch accountability.

Some claim Donald Trump has had the worst 100 days of any president. William Henry Harrison couldn’t be reached for comment.  He died after a mere month in office.

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