5/20/14 Same Job, Less Pay


The New York Times fired its executive editor.  This has significance for those news organizations that take cues from the New York Times on what to report each day.

On that point, you’re correct in thinking “This is wrong.”  It’s lazy journalism.  Visit our website.  I’ve discussed how cable channels, TV networks and other news outlets rely on the New York Times as the final word on what should and should not be reported.

Publisher Arthur Sulzberger fired Jill Abramson – the paper’s first female executive editor — after only two and a half years on the job.  According to New Yorker magazine, what did her in was her request she be paid the same as her predecessor, Bill Keller.

Now this is where it gets really interesting.  Equal pay has been a hot topic at the New York Times for years.  Since September 2011, the paper has published 90 articles and editorials demanding equal pay for women.

The New York Times has shown a deaf ear to those who argue experience, tenure, and results are part of the calculus in determining pay.  The paper’s position is “same job, same pay.”

Except at the New York Times.  Not only did Abramson not get the same pay.  She no longer has a job.

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