5/13/14 News Failures


There’s a joke making the rounds of the news industry.

CNN is finally looking into Benghazi.  Someone told them the missing Malaysian airliner is hidden there.

What’s taking place among the national media is shameful.

The cable channels and networks have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the Donald Sterling story.  A billionaire sports team owner employing millionaire athletes said some really stupid things.  

National news outlets aren’t really concerned about racially insensitive remarks.  They have an agenda to pursue.  The Illinois governor’s reelection campaign endorsed racist stereotypes.  From the national media we get: crickets.

MSNBC is claiming to be indignant over Sterling’s repugnant remarks.  Yet, it features in prime-time a raging anti-Semite. Al Sharpton [here, here] deserves so much blame for the Crown Heights Riot and the Freddie’s Fashion Mart fire.  If you’re not familiar with those scandals then see details on our website. They were ugly anti-Semitic violent episodes in which 10 people actually died.

Major news outlets have studiously ignored reporting Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm’s Fast & Furious gun-running scandal [here, here, here, here] in which more than 200 people have been slaughtered.  Including Americans.

NBC network news — experts at doctoring video as we’ve documented so many times [here, here] — selectively edited yet another video to bolster their man-made global warming hysteria.

[NBC is not alone in covering-up legitimate national news stories. All of the networks avoided reporting the alleged sex party trips with underage girls taken by Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ).  In fact, ABC News never asked about the FBI investigation even when they had Menendez in their studios.]

[National news organizations have staggering ties among immediate family members working for the news organizations and in the Obama Administration making foreign policy decisions including on Benghazi.]

It will only get worse the closer we get to Election Day.

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