4/30/15 Enabling Sexual Abuse


Oregon state law requires a school official to have parent permission before medication is given to a student.  This includes over-the-counter products.  Such as aspirin or Midol.

[Nearly all states have similar laws or regulations.]

This is to prevent abuse.  And to ensure the parents have full knowledge of their children’s activities.

But a bill making its way through the Oregon legislature turns this entire philosophy on its head.

House Bill 2758 would make it crime for a health insurance company to notify the parents if a minor is given an abortion.  The secrecy is maintained as the bill requires the insurance company to pay for the abortion without disclosing this to the policyholder.  In most cases, the parents.

Suppose a 17-year old girl.  Or 15.  Or 13 years old gets pregnant.  The parents should have the right to know this.  Just as they have the right to know if a major medical procedure like an abortion is to be performed on their child.

And what if the 13-year old got pregnant by a relative, a neighbor, a teacher?

If enacted into law, this bill could allow such abuse to go unreported.

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