4/17/14 Culture War


America is in a culture war.  Where there’s punishment for politically-incorrect thought.

Internet company Mozilla forced out CEO Brendan Eich after only ten days because 8 years ago he made a contribution to Proposition 8 defining marriage as between a man and a woman.  The ballot measure was easily passed by all Californians.

The mayors of Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, DC trashed the Constitution when they threatened Chick fil-A because president Dan Cathy discussed his deeply-held religious views on marriage.

[More on the intolerant bigotry of these mayors is here.]

By all reports Eich and Cathy treat every person with dignity and respect and don’t discriminate.  They were attacked over politically-incorrect thinking.

[When government officials attempt to punish speech it runs afoul of the First Amendment.  The four mayors were not the only government officials to threatened political speech.  Baltimore Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo made statements in support of same-sex marriage. A Maryland legislator who sits on a powerful committee overseeing the football stadium implicitly threatened the team over the remarks.]

Those who accuse an “infidel” who handles a Koran as being guilty of a hate crime are quick to praise a crucifix plunged in a jar of urine as a work of art.

Manmade global warming activists urge the imprisonment of those who criticize their climate hoax.

The bossy COO of Facebook wants the word “bossy” banned from English language.

There are a lot more examples.

[Larry Summers was forced to step down as president of Harvard University over politically incorrect comments about the paucity of women in higher-level math and science instruction.]

Eich, Cathy and others like them are the victims. Those mayors and Mozilla executives are among the intolerant bigots who are not content with polite and respectful behavior.  Everyone must publicly embrace their point-of-view.  Or shut-up.  Or be punished.

Somewhere, George Orwell is smiling.

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