4/16/15 So Many Bakeries


Of the hundreds of bakeries in the Denver area, more than 80 were nominated for Best Bakery of 2014.

I mention Denver bakeries because of a pair of recent cake complaints. 

A baker turned down a request for a same-sex wedding cake citing his Christian belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.  The Colorado Civil Rights Division said the baker broke the law.  A judge agreed.

Then another customer requested a Bible-shaped cake with Bible verses including one inscription critical of homosexuality.  A baker turned him down.  The Bible inscriptions violated her beliefs.  The very same Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that baker was within her rights to refuse him service.

[The preceding incidents highlight the hypocrisy of groups that claim to oppose discriminatory practices but, in reality, pick and choose which discriminatory practices they find acceptable.   For example, the ACLU has argued the first cake dispute was flagrant discrimination but the refusal of service in the second dispute was perfectly acceptable.]

[A similar controversy is playing out in Ireland where a gay baker refused to bake a wedding cake that included the Bible verse “A man shall . . . hold fast to his wife — Gen. 2:24.”  Like the ACLU, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission claims to oppose discriminatory practices but, in this case, it argues the baker has a right to deny service to potential Christian clients.]

Put aside, for a moment, your opinion on same-sex marriage.

With hundreds of available bakers, photographers, caterers, florists, and whatever, why would someone insist on engaging the relatively few business owners who don’t want your business?  Especially one that would make something you’d consume?

I’m not wasting my time, effort, emotional capital or spending money on someone who doesn’t want me as a customer.  See ya!

Perhaps some of these complaints are activism cloaked in retail requests in an attempt to instigate a lawsuit.

What a waste of time.

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